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  • Incorporated: Phoenix, Arizona – 2008
  • Team Experience: 120+ years (combined)
  • HQ: Spokane, Washington, Great PNW, USA
  • Clients Served: 125+
  • Hosting Capacity: Unlimited
  • Management: limited client base (we’re selective)
  • Web Pages Served: Billions
  • WordPress Expertise: 14+ years designing sites, developing custom plugins, hosting, and management


  • MacOS, Windows or *NIX: Yes!
  • CMS: WordPress riding WP Engine
  • M$, Google or AWS: Google (Cloud, Workspace, Meet et al)
  • Zoom or Meet: Google Meet
  • Android or iOS: Google Pixel (Android)
  • Registrar: Cloudflare
  • Messaging: Slack
  • Suds: Most seltzer H20, Freemont’s Head Full of Dynamite, & Shilling Hard Ciders

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.

-Carl Sagan


An Immense


Since 2008, Imaginary Trout has seen its success through open and constant communication with its clients. We aren’t just a development company, we are a communications company, and we put our clients as priority number one. Whether via phone, email or courier pigeon, we make ourselves available to review your needs.

Imaginary Trout is a full service custom development shop that covers the concepting and consulting, designing and UX, development and deployment, hosting and management of websites, web apps and custom databases. In addition to those capabilities, we offer an array of online marketing including but not limited to brand identify and logo development, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing. Our clients and career experience range from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500’s, to everything in between.

Since 2008, we have developed and worked with a variety of databases and content management systems. One of our most successful executions of WordPress was for an engagement whose services was mentioned on a national news syndication where overnight the website had to scale from 20,000 unique daily visitors to over 900,000. By leveraging a relationship with Automattic (the creators of WordPress), using Varnish, NGINX, and PHP-FPM the highly custom WordPress site successfully stabilized and began serving up over 1M unique visitors daily. Lucky for us those days are long gone and we rely on our hosting partners at WP Engine to scale WordPress proportionally to traffic.

The Team

Imaginary Trout full color brand
With over 20 years of experience as a leader in the tech sector, Trout has a diverse breadth of knowledge and expertise managing businesses, internet technologies, hosting infrastructure, online marketing, website and software development. His philanthropic heart has led him to assist many NGOs and is currently Board Chairman and President at Spokane Riverkeeper.
Josh "Trout"
Spokane, WA
Creative Director
Our relationship with Steve began in the early 90's at Sacajawea Jr High. Steve is a ridiculously talented illustrator and artist. Steve’s hand is ever present through the company’s brand identity and merchandising strategy. Not only is Steve a great friend, Hanlen_Art us a valued partner of Imaginary Trout.
Portland, OR
Ken Kendall - IT Builder
Chief Developer
Ken is a self-taught genius of sorts with 20+ years of programming experience and an entrepreneur at heart. When he’s not building a better mousetrap (literally) you may find him off road 4×4ing in his Jeep, turning wrenches in his garage, fabricating iron works with his welder or distilling a batch of his favorite clear liquid.
Phoenix, AZ