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what we do & how we do it

1.0 Brand Identity & Logos

Brand identity is more than just logo design; it advances your brand and will be the launching point for every marketing effort.  With a diverse group of seasoned artists in our quiver, we can define and develop your identity or or resuscitate your old brand.


2.0 web Design & development

We are innovators at our core.  We love designing, developing, launching, managing and optimizing websites and web app. We strive for perfection, offering clients the combination of creativity, skill, and experience to achieve a beautiful, high performing experiences. 


3.0 Digital Strategy & SEO

You live in the digital age. You need a online strategy as a part of your overall business strategy. We can help you define your goals, identify your key channels, develop a content strategy, put everything in motion, monitor, measure, and adjust as needed. We’re well versed in on-page organic SEO and technical SEO. Need a SERPs rank boast. Look no further.


4.0 Custom Apps & Databases

We’d rather be skewered and hung up to roast over an open flame than work in a Microsoft .NET environment. Our preference for custom app development (depending on the application) environment would be on a LAMP stack. That’s Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP-FPM. That said we’re comfy with JavaScript and some other modern languages. Need something with a rendering engine? Okay, maybe C# is the tool of choice. 

5.0 Managed Hosting services

We partner with the world’s best cloud service providers and web hosting companies to facilitate highly available, redundant and secure high-performing websites, databases and web applications. Automatic backups, site security, and fanatical support let you rest easy. 



Think of us as an extension of your small business. Need some sound advice about technology? From the best e-mail hosting providers to our opinion about the best document feed scanner and everything in between, we can advise and consult on just about any IT related topic. 


7.0 Search Engine Optimization

Without search engine optimization, you may as well invest in traditional advertising and forego the website. Nearly every web project we engage will include some form of SEO.  Potential customers are searching for your services every day. Either they find you or they find your competition. Optimizing your content through SEO will drive authority with search engines for specific terms related to your company.


8.0 CRM, WP Plugin & API Dev

WordPress is the best open source content management on the planet. Bar none. Okay, we said it.  Seriously though, sometimes WP isn’t the end all be all solution. It may be that you need a better tool to manage your constituents. In that case we may recommend CiviCRM, Donorbox (if you’re a small NGO), or even SalesForce if your budget can sustain it. Oh yeah, we build custom WordPress plugins all the time. 



We Specialize in Custom WordPress Websites

We’ve been building websites since before most of you even knew what the internet was. Then WordPress came along and simplified the onerous task of maintaining and updating your web pages. With WordPress, you can take control of your content. That’s why as of 2021 WordPress powers half a trillion dollars of economic value.

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