Five Golden Characteristics to Hiring Marketers

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Five Golden Characteristics to Hiring Marketers
There are all kinds of marketers today. As the industry and demand for marketing our brands and products grows, so do the niches, techniques, and specialities. As marketers, it is our job to not only grow with the changing market but to also develop our skills and knowledge accordingly. While some maybe more on the creative side and others more on the technical, it would be adequate to say that all sides need to be diplomatic, curious, engaging of their work and surroundings, resourceful, and of course grasping both present and future strategies.


  • Curiosity

Before utilizing the right strategy and picking the right audience, etc…Marketers first be  open to new and changing information- it is the only effective and efficient way to live and breathe in today’s digital landscape.

Those who carry a natural curiosity while growing their appetite for what’s happening are those who can lead the way and deliver results to the brands and products they serve.

  • Resourcefulness

Do more for less- that’s the motto. Hire people that can think big but also DO big at the same time. Delivering quality material while also cutting costs- that’s the goal you should aim for with your marketing team.

Can your team create content without too much hassle and cost while still producing original content that appeals to your audience- this is the question you should be asking everyday.

  • Diplomacy

Utilizing a freelancer or hiring in-house- either way you should take a look at some of the social platforms and brands the individual has managed. Understanding if someone has the knowledge and experience to manage under pressure and ongoing changes is key.

Marketers need to know how to stay calm under pressure while keeping their audience in tact and aware. See how your hirees handle negative feedback and their strategy in dealing and recuperating downfalls.

  • Engagement

Content needs to be quality before quantity. While the technical side is easily executed the storytelling side is more difficult to perform. That being said, it is almost impossible to be effective without utilizing storytelling…therefore marketers need to know how to storytell just as much as they know the technicalities of adwords, facebook, or google.

Check out some examples. See if you enjoy them and if you naturally connect to the brand to the examples. Does it tell a story or does it feel like you’re trying to be sold?

  • Understanding of Strategy

There’s no way out- marketers must be experts in analytics and strategy to thrive to the top and stay there.

If marketers and the brands they serve want to be effective while making their marketing costs go furthest, they must understand the relationships between different factors and also know how to plan accordingly.

Ask questions, keep tabs of results and don’t rely even on those you hire.

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